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Berlin Heart

Implantable and Paracorporeal
Ventricular Assist Devices

Berlin Heart GmbH Develops, Produces and Provides
Innovative Devices for Mechanical Support of the Heart

Berlin Heart GmbH is one of the industry’s market leaders in developing, producing and marketing innovative medical devices for mechanically supporting failing hearts for patients of all ages, from newborn babies to adults. In situations where there is no improvement of the circulatory status despite treatment with maximal medical and or pharmacologic support, mechanical circulatory support systems may be employed.

The choice of the system depends on the condition of the patient, the estimated duration of support as well as local availability. In situations where there is no possibility for functional cardiac recovery and long waiting-list times for transplant are expected, implantation of a long-term circulatory support system may be indicated.

The INCOR®, EXCOR® Adult and EXCOR® Pediatric span the entire range of medical indications for patients of all ages, from new-borns to adults.

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