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Clario toni


Home healthcare teams and paediatric patients in need of airway suctioning appreciate the Clario Toni suction pump because of its clever engineering and smart design.
Clario Toni offers variable vacuum values for flexible, suitable suction and the right care for tracheostomy patients and therefore fulfills the highest international standards. Just the right care for children!

Clario Toni’s modular design consists of 3 main parts for easy, uncomplicated assembly:
– Drive unit
– Canister
– SafetyChamber

Clario Toni’s 3 preset vacuum levels simplify handling:
-60 mmHg for neonates
-100 mmHg for children or upper airway suctioning
-600 mmHg for thick secretions

Clario Toni’s 3-fold hygienic design consisting of
– Floater in canister
– SafetyChamber
– Membrane system
is very hygienic as no secretions can enter the pump, making routine cleaning simple.

Clario Toni offers more freedom for the user. The pump weighs only 2 kg and
features a rechargeable battery that allows for more than 50 minutes of suction
time. The optional carrying bag for the Clario Toni and its components makes it
discreet and convenient to transport.
The Clario Toni can be taken along wherever the user goes and no one will notice
the pump inside the appealing carrying bag. Even if the pump is removed,
its non-medical, discreet design and surprisingly low noise level keeps the user
from embarrassment or stares.
Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy to clean

Easy to transport

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