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TRICOL biomedical

HemCon GuardaCare® PRO

Haemostatic Dressing for Severely Bleeding Wounds

 TRICOL BIOMEDICAL’s HemCon products are made from chitosan, a naturally occurring polysaccharide. Chitosan is positively charged, attracting negatively charged red blood cells and platelets. This ionic interaction creates a supportive, primary seal at the wound site, controlling all degrees of bleeding, independently of the natural clotting cascade. This mechanism creates an effective seal, even in patients on anticoagulation therapy, while also providing antibacterial barrier properties against a wide variety of organisms.

HemCon GuardaCare® PRO

The GuardaCare PRO is a Z-folded, Chitosan impregnated haemostatic dressing, for the external, temporary control of oozing and severely bleeding wounds.

The uniformly applied chitosan coating on the gauze allows for optimal chitosan blood interaction to effectively control bleeding. The chitosan further reduces blood loss by helping the dressing conform to the wound site while providing a physical barrier to prevent bleeding. 

This mechanism of action supports localized clotting within and on the gauze to stop bleeding quickly and independently of the clotting cascade. The dressing readily conforms to wound surfaces with complex geometries to allow efficient staunching of all bleeding





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