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Medela Thopaz+

Chest Drainage


Medela’s Thopaz+

Medela’s chest drainage therapy significantly reduces the cost of care takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care. Unlike analogue systems, it reliably regulates the applied pressure at the patient’s chest and digitally (and quietly) monitors critical therapy indicators. Clinical data has demonstrated that Medela’s chest drainage therapy improves outcomes and streamlines the delivery of care.

The system allows the optimal pressure to be applied for post-operative chest drainage management and permits objective and reliable monitoring of patient status. As a result, the length of hospital stay can be shortened by at least 1 day, with the corresponding reduction in-hospital costs. Patient experience is improved by the mobility offered by Thopaz+. Medical staff convenience is enhanced by direct data download from Thopaz+ to electronic patient files.

Improves Outcomes

– Unified hospital practices/protocols

– Reduced chest tube duration

– Shorter hospital stays

– Reduction in hospital costs

Streamlines Care

– Improved inter-observer agreement due to precise air leak monitoring

– Simplified ward rounds

– Better discharge planning

Key features at a glance

– Compact, portable vacuum source

– Regulated pressure at the patient’s chest

– Digital display of air leak, fluid and pressure

– Notifications on system status and catheter patency indicator

– Data recording and transfer to PC

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