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Quest MPS2

Microplegia System

Quest Microplegia is Pure Simplicity and Supports Blood Conservation


Technology description

The Quest MPS system is designed to enable accurate and safe drug delivery. The combination of Spline-Piston pumps and state of the art pressure sensors have enabled the development of advanced techniques, drug therapies, and perfusion support. Used in over 150, 000 cardiac procedures, the MPS system is the primary delivery system for ongoing research and development targeting advanced myocardial protection and recovery protocols, treatment for reperfusion injury, and acute myocardial infarction.

Microplegia ON-Pump Strategy

Microplegia is blood cardioplegia without crystalloid solutions, and is rapidly being adopted by surgeons and perfusionists to reduce morbidity and improve outcomes. Quest’s enabling MPS technology enhances tight control over K+ and Mg+ to arrest the heart and promote the use of target specific cardioprotective agents to both the myocytes and endothelium. Essentially, you have a patient-specific , smart myocardial protection system (cardioplegia), with total control over the composition and conditions (delivery temperature, mode and method)

Combining the benefits of all blood cardioplegia with precise control of K+ results in

  • Reduced hemodilution and myocardial edema – better microvascular preservation
  • Reduced hemoconcentration and blood usage – less cost, less morbidity
  • Improved K+ , glucose management – better spontaneous defibrillation
  • Advanced pressure, air and temperature control – better outcomes


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